Quantum physics isn’t something that many people throw into everyday conversation, but it’s a foundation of the Wave Collapse approach.


The quantum world exists as a series of probability waves, an infinite number of potential outcomes. Only when something is observed or measured does the probability wave collapse and a single result is established. Wave Collapse’s approach of providing experts in wide ranging disciplines means that we measure and observe the world in multiple different ways, collapsing the various probability waves and establishing a rich perspective on reality. This multi-view team provides the foundation for wide ranging strategy optimization using research and insights to drive revenue.


As fast as things are moving now and with as much data as we all have at our fingertips, we face a heightened risk of missing that key trend or insight that will take us to the next level. Folks may want to spend hours pouring over numbers and connecting the dots, but the reality is that few of us have the time, or confidence, to do it.


That’s where Wave Collapse comes in.


Led by Joy Liuzzo, a sought after leader in the research space, the Wave Collapse team…

  • Advises mobile start ups on how to be more attractive to advertisers and agencies; how to monetize their data; and, how to stand out in the crowded marketplace
  • Provides thought leadership research to capture the attention of clients and press
  • Identifies ‘after next’ trends to inform product development


We look at things a bit differently, a bit uniquely and we bring that quantum perspective to you. We live and breathe our mantra of “Entertain, Educate, Evolve.”